Thursday, July 31, 2014

Functional Neurologist Stuff

So... there's some new things on the medical horizon for me here. I saw a new doctor a few weeks ago. He's a functional (or chiropractic) neurologist at a place called Integrated Health Systems named, Dr. Shane Steadman. He trained under the guy who fixed Sidney Crosby's noggin! 

He started with a 2 hour exam and comprehensive bloodwork last week, and we had our meeting today to discuss all the findings and treatment plan. Right where I hit my head is the left/mid cerebellum, which he could tell from his exam is not functioning properly. There are also slight deficiencies in my left cortex (frontal lobe).

The cerebellum controls balance, coordination, motor functions, and some cognitive functions. It also has been tensing up my muscles, because it makes my body think I'm off balance all the time. He's given me some exercises to do with my eyes that are going to help strengthen the communication between my eyes, cerebellum, and body.

The bloodwork revealed some issues with my glucose, iron, vitamin D, and thyroid levels. I am going to start supplements to work on those issues. I've also been given a neurotransmitter protocol to try where I take serotone, dopatone, and gabatone for 2 days each to see if any of those will give me immediate boosts.

He has high expectations for this course of treatment over a 7 week period starting when I get back from my trip to Buffalo. When we asked him what they were, he said that he expected me to have no headaches, nausea, unsteadiness, fatigue, etc. at the end of this. Dan and I are very encouraged and cautiously optimistic. There is a lot of work I have to do over the next few months to keep up with this stuff. Could I please ask you to pray for my attitude, endurance, and faith?