Tuesday, February 8, 2011

PTSD and Concussion linked?

It's been 2 weeks since I've been able to get on the treadmill, and it's getting frustrating. I've been sick with nausea, vertigo/dizziness, headaches, swollen glands, etc. I have a test Friday called a VNG to find out where the vertigo is coming from and how to go about resolving it. Up until the vertigo started, I had been making some pretty great progress on the treadmill, getting my heart rate up to 160 with no symptoms.

When I saw Dr. Leddy today I brought up the fact that although my exercise tolerance was increasing, the feeling of being overwhelmed in social situations is still a problem. I get nauseous, fatigued, and headaches still when I'm in a crowd of people and sometimes just at home with Dan and the kids if it gets too loud. Even just going to church or to the store causes problems for me for the whole day.

He thinks that we should explore the possibility of it being two separate issues. He wants me to try and seek counseling for PTSD, and thinks that might be the problems I'm having in social situations. He said it could be a result of the head injury, maybe not knowing what happened in the first place. It could be any number of things. Does anyone have any experience with PTSD or counseling that has helped? I'd really like to hear about it if you have.

I'm waiting to hear the test results of the VNG to move forward on the vertigo, etc, and I'm actively looking for a PTSD counselor in the Lockport area who takes my insurance (again – any suggestions?). Please pray about these things. I've never really approached anything like this and am a little nervous and hopeful. If it really is a PTSD issue and can be resolved, this could improve my quality of life drastically!

I did some digging and found a couple articles that make me feel completely opposite. It makes me think there might be a link or a symptom overlap or something. What do you guys think?

On a positive note – I got my hearing date for Social Security Disability. It will be April 11, and we are really hoping to be approved. We applied in November of 2009, were rejected in March 2010, and just got the hearing date for our appeal. It's crazy how backlogged they are!

Thank you for all your love and support. God is great and faithful!
Love, Kate