Wednesday, October 31, 2012

4 Weeks Post Op ACDF

I had my 4 week post-surgery appointment today. They looked at my xray and said it looks good and I'm healing well. They added a muscle relaxer to “relax my muscles” (duh), because they are tense and it will relieve some of my pain.

Over the next 2 weeks I'm supposed to use the muscle relaxers more and the pain meds less often. I should expect to still have soreness and fatigue for a while still. She equated it to a broken bone that they can't cast.

I will do another xray in 6-8 weeks and then see them again for another follow up. She said that although they successfully removed the pressure from my spinal cord and nerves, it can take 6 months to 2 years until all the symptoms are fully relieved.

They will not be able to assess whether or not I need the Chiari Malformation repair for at least another 6 months. Until then, I can just rest and slowly increase my endurance of activity while I heal from this disc surgery.  

I have had a tremendous amount of peace and comfort during my recovery. Thanks for the prayers!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quick Update

I'm still on pain meds and being waited on pretty much for my every need, so I'm doing pretty great so far. I tried to go a couple times with just plain Tylenol and I'm not ready for that. It's only been 10 days and it's nice not to self-evaluate or worry about anything. I have post op xrays in a week and then a follow up visit the week after that. Thanks for the prayers and all the food, love, and support!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Recovery Update

The surgery went well, better than expected, Dr. Gibbons said. He removed the disc and a bone spur and replaced the disc space with a bone graft. I have no sutures, just steri strips. I have to wear a hard collar for 5 days, and then just as I feel I need it. I was able to remove my bandages today.

Wednesday, they discharged me and I was home by 5:00 in the evening. I slept all that day. Thursday wasn't too bad. I was tired but just sore. Friday and today have been hard. I have been sore with a headache and nausea. It's been tough. My throat was very sore in the beginning, but now I am starting to be able to eat more solid foods.

Please continue to pray for healing. I think if I can eat better, I can heal quicker. Please pray against the nausea and the headaches. It makes everything more difficult. Taking off the bandage helped, and I think on Monday when I can take off the collar and shower, I'll feel better.

Thank you so much for all the prayer and support. I'm resting all I can and hoping to begin to be more comfortable soon. I'll keep everyone posted as I can.

Love, Kate

Monday, October 1, 2012

Surgery Time!

I'm having ACDF (anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion) surgery this Wednesday, October 3 at 8:00 a.m. It should be around 2 hours long. I have had a tremendous amount of calm and peace leading up to this. I know that you are praying for me, and I humbly ask you to continue to pray for Christ's peace to keep me calm. Also, that you will pray for my husband and kids.

I will be in the hospital for 1-4 days depending on how the surgery goes. Then I will recover at home for 6 weeks. Hopefully this surgery will give me some relief from my neck pain and increase my quality of life. 

I'm excited for after the recovery and I can't wait to see how this affects all my symptoms and hurts. 

I'll keep you guys posted!