Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of my head injury. It's amazing to think that it's been that long since my life has been so severely altered. I don't really remember what it's like to feel good. I don't remember what independence feels like. I thank God every day that it wasn't worse, and I am as high functioning as I am.

My every day symptoms at this point are: low-level headache and nausea, fatigue, unsteadiness, lack of focus, average of 45-minute limit on physical, social, intellectual activity, difficulty with different areas of memory, mood changes, and an average of 1 migraine a week.

The approval for disability last month was a win in so many ways. Not only will we be able to catch up financially, but the declaration helped me feel validated. PCS is an invisible problem and that might be the hardest thing about it. I am told all the time, “Well, you look great!” I know it's meant to be an encouragement, one that I fully appreciate, but it shows that people really can't tell when someone is hurting inside. I am happy in life, though, and I am glad it shows through my pain.

I am still continuing with my treadmill therapy. At my last post, I was jogging at a high heart rate. Now, I have slowed it down a bit and increased my time. My doctor says that the high heart rate can be unhealthy for extended periods. Now I am at a speed of 4.5 for 30 minutes, and my heart rate peaks around 160-170. I see Dr. Leddy once a month, and will be seeing him June 20. The goal is to increase my endurance, and hopefully that will translate into increasing my activity limits daily.

I am still struggling with my herniated discs in my neck. I have been given a home traction unit, but I think it might be making things worse. I try to keep up with my physical therapy home exercises, but it's a nagging pain that is increasing my every-day headaches.

My husband found a therapy called The Bowen Technique (http://www.boweninfo.com/how_it_works.htm), which might help with a lot of my issues. I called the practitioner in our area and will hopefully set up an appointment to try it out. I will always try something new and see if it helps. God works through all things and can use all things for His glory.

I'm so thankful to my family and friends who continue to stick by me and support me in all I do. I am amazed at how people can be supportive even when they can't quite know how I feel or what I'm going through.