Monday, December 10, 2012

10 Week Post-Op ACDF Surgery

It's been 10 weeks since my surgery and I'm seeing a little improvement in some areas and none in others. Cognitively, I feel a little clearer lately, but I'm so physically fatigued. I'm still getting migraines a couple times a week and headaches regularly. I'm still overwhelmed in crowded situations. 

My 3 months of recovery from the surgery are up in January, and I can start exercising to build up my endurance. I'm hoping that I can see some improvement on the physical side, we'll see. I'm trying to keep from doing too much. Please pray that I can be patient and use the good moments to rest comfortably instead of overdoing it (as I have been). 

They will evaluate me in about 3-4 more months to see if they want to do the Chiari malformation repair too. They said the disc surgery has removed the compression from my spinal cord, but it can take 6 months - 2 years for it to heal and be symptom free. It's too hard to know if my symptoms remain from the disc compression or are part of the chiari malformation, because they overlap.