Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Praising in the Storm

I'll start this update off with some good news. It's been 23 months since my head injury in June 2009. I applied for disability November 2009, and was denied and appealed February 2010. I had my appeal hearing April 2011 and yesterday (May 2011), I was granted Social Security Disability! Praise God! I am so happy to have validation and some breathing room. We should start getting checks within 3-6 weeks.

There have been some other things that are positive too lately. I have been issued a home traction unit for my neck, which I received and started trying yesterday. It really felt good when I used it and helps give me a ton of relief with the tightness in my neck. 

I had some heavy fatigue a couple months ago that was not relenting. My primary doctor ordered some blood tests and found that my Vitamin D levels were around 10. She thinks that could attribute to the fatigue, some of the low level headaches, and the nausea. I have had 3 weeks of mega-dose Vitamin D so far and might be seeing a little improvement. 

My treadmill therapy is going well. I am jogging!!! I can jog for 20 minutes a day now, with a heart rate around 180 with no aggravated symptoms. I will continue to train my heart-brain connection through this therapy. I see Dr. Leddy next week to check in and see where to go from here.

I have on average 1 migraine a week now, down from 3. It's a relief to have this limited the way it is. The migraine wipes out 1-2 days and feels like such a setback. The every day headache is more mild the last week or so. I have less nausea and a bit more energy. The doctor gave me a steroid pack last week to give me a boost in energy and wipe out any inflammation that was there. I think the pack helped in both of those functions.

I don't know how we would have gotten through all this these past 2 years without such a loving family. I have learned to humble myself and ask for help when I need it. My faith in God carries me through this and all the other challenges in my life. How amazing to have peace in the middle of this great storm! He is so good!