Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fresh Perspective

It's been a big month. Mid-April, we took the kids to Disney World on a surprise vacation. I was very nervous preparing for the trip. I wasn't sure what flying was going to be like for me and how I was going to manage the long days with lots of walking. I'm happy to say I'm still alive and I was even able to have a good time!

The pressure changes on takeoff and landing were painful. It reminded me of how weather can affect headaches, but on a quicker and sharper scale. I was wiped from a lack of sleep and the long days, but it was so rewarding to have that family time. The kids loved every minute of it and it was awesome to enjoy it with them.

After we got back, we had some other stuff going on and I just haven't felt like I've caught up yet. I'm still wiped out and having some pretty strong headaches every day. I hope I can get a few days of rest strung together so I can recover soon!

I saw a new neurologist this week. It's been almost 3 years since my initial concussion and we felt like it was time for a fresh perspective. His name is Dr. Meyer and he works at the Brain and Spine center. He went over all my history, ordered a brain MRA (like an MRI – looks at the blood vessels in the brain also), and some blood tests. I see him again next week to go over all the results.

It was pretty overwhelming to gather and examine everything from the past 3 years. I looked at every test I've had done, every medication I took, every symptom I felt. I have definitely come a long way. I'm so grateful for the support I've had in my life. There were lots of times where I could have given up, but there were always people there to encourage me and keep my fight alive.

Thanks! Please continue to pray for me and my family. God has been glorified so many times through this. Even though I've had to go through this, I know He's been holding me the whole time.