Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bad Gluten

After the sleep study came back normal, I moved on to the next thing to try on my list. I tried to go without gluten for a month. I noticed that I had more energy and less nausea while I was off the gluten, but I wasn't sure until I tested it this past week. I tried to eat food with gluten in it on Tuesday, and the results were pretty telling. I was heavily fatigued and felt like my brain was foggy and I couldn't think.

I'm still feeling some of the effects from this one trial of gluten (four days later) and I'm not going to eat it anymore. After my initial hissy-fit over not being able to have bread and beer anymore (oh and soft pretzles, mmmmmm...), I'm able to see that it's not so bad and it is actually a good thing. Knowing is half the battle! I have no desire to eat things that make me feel so horrible. I have lots of recipes for gluten free menus and am doing really well with not missing it.

I still am working on the migraine/headache part of all this. My doctors office told me that the Botox claim was rejected, but they never even submitted it. Now we are waiting to see if there is approval for it. My insurance company says they will cover it with a letter from the doctor and we're hopeful it's approved and it helps take care of the migraines.

I think we are slowly putting humpty back together again. It's amazing that God made these intricate bodies that can be changed so entirely, but that as the maker, He can heal. So many different processes of mine have been affected by the concussion, and we are working on addressing each of those.