Monday, August 8, 2011

Doctors, Doctors, Doctors....

It's been Doctorpalooza these last couple of months. It's strange going through “breakthroughs” and not knowing if these different treatments are helping or not. It all started when I heard about the Bowen Technique. I'm going for my 6th treatment today and people keep asking me if it's helping or working. I'm not really sure how to answer that.

The therapist told me that my entire body was a shift out of alignment and spent the first few visits aligning the right side with the left side of my body. She also fixed the tone of my muscles so that the ones that were worn and flat became springy and rounded again. She fixed my neck almost completely and I may never have to go for physical therapy for my herniated discs again! WHOO HOO! She released the muscles from the nerves and we are left with where we are now.

She saw that my jaw was out of alignment, but didn't want to adjust my jaw without my dentist seeing me first. He saw me 3 weeks ago and did a consultation with impressions and is working on a nightguard for me and is going to figure out how to adjust my bite so that my jaw is in a relaxed state rather than always in tension the way it is now.

I have felt really worn out and had lots of headaches through all this adjustment. I feel like getting this stuff squared away will be helpful for me when it's over, but getting through it has been really tough. I see Dr. Leddy (the UB doctor) next week and also my dentist that same day. The following week I go to Dent to see my neurologist. The Lord has put me in good hands with so many providers who understand my condition and are trying to help even after 2 years.

During this tough time when they are all working on me, it feels like it would be easier to just give up fighting this sometimes and give in to the PCS. I'm weary of fighting against it, but I know that it's better to fight it. Please pray for me through this tough time. Please pray for encouragement for me and my family, for endurance for me and all the doctors that are sticking with my desire to fight, and praises to God for all the amazing things He's done through these past 2 years of trials.

I heard a good analogy the other day on the radio, “God is the shepherd and we are the sheep, but there are also sheepdogs (trials) that keep us in line and on the right path. God cannot control the sheep, but can guide them with the use of the sheepdogs to go the right way.” This was so encouraging to me and helps me remember that there are reasons for this stuff.