Friday, September 26, 2014


We had my revaluation appointment at the chiropractic neurologist this week. It went well, and I've improved in a lot of areas. I haven't had a major headache in a week and a half, which has been a pretty big relief. I still have a dull headache everyday, but it's nice to not be knocked out by the big ones. My balance and motor function are still improving too.

Phase one was intensive, with 2 appointments every week, a nutrition overhaul, and lots of occupational therapy. I now start phase 2, which includes food reintroduction, appointments every 2 weeks, and more focused occupational therapy at home.

After 8 weeks, we will have another reevaluation to see where I'm at and where we go from there. I'm still very positive about the whole thing and encouraged to have so much improvement.

Please pray for my endurance, patience and motivation. I have to continue to work hard at home with less frequent accountability from the team at the doctor's office. I have to keep myself in check, and make sure I don't overdo activity even if I'm feeling more improvement. Thank you!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

An occupational therapist, a nutritionist, and a chiropractic neurologist walk into a bar...

It's been a wild few weeks, getting back into town from our visit to Buffalo and getting life set up here at home. I've been seeing the functional neurologist twice a week. One day a week I see the Occupational Therapist (OT), and one day a week I see the OT, the nutritionist, and the neurologist.

The OT checks my neuro function through different tests and adjusts or changes my exercises as needed. The nutritionist has me on an anti-allergy diet, which is similar to paleo, but more limited. I am off sugar and caffeine, and only eating meats, veggies, and some fruits. I'm on a gut repair drink and various supplements to get my body in good shape for all the other work I'm doing. The neurologist does more neuro exams, chiropractic adjustments as necessary, and oversees my care.

It's a lot of work preparing food all day, taking the right supplements at the right times, and doing all my OT exercises, but I feel confident we are on the right path. There are little changes that I barely notice, but they are there.

Please pray for my endurance during this time. With homeschooling, taking care of the household, and trying to get well it can be a little overwhelming for me. I have an amazing support system and such hope that I will be well at the end of this!