Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Endocrine and Frontal Lobe

I had my one month check up today from my last reexam. It was a great visit. I saw Dr. Steadman first, who went over how I've been with me and did some adjustments on me. My frontal lobe exercises were challenging for me over the past month, so we've scaled them back and made them more manageable for me. My balance has improved, but it can still be better.

I saw the nutritionist next. She went over my endocrine testing. My cortisol levels are on the low end of normal and my progesterone might be low depending on my cycle. We have to verify that before we know for sure. She's given me a supplement to try to bring up my cortisol levels and we will explore progesterone treatments as we find out more about my levels.

I saw Claire, one of the Brain-based Therapists, next. She went over my exercises and changed up my frontal lobe ones. My balance exercises will stay the same until the next month when I go back.

I'm excited about my progress and the prospect that my progesterone levels are what's causing me to be fatigued every day. If I can get on treatment for that and get more energy, it would improve my life. I'm excited to see if the improvement in my frontal lobe helps with eye fatigue, focus, and mood. Please pray for me to stay on top of my exercises!


  1. Look into the Carrick Brain Center! They do functional neurology but on a whole new level. Many professional athletes have gone there and had great succes!!! There Dallas facility is amazing! Website: carrickbraincenter.com

    1. Anon,

      Thanks! Dr. Steadman (the one I see) was actually trained by Dr. Carrick, so I'm getting that same treatment here in CO for a lot less money. The techniques are amazing!


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  3. Kate- Have you ever heard of EHT? https://youtu.be/sioGaraFLbA
    If this video interests you call me at 816-726-4290

  4. Happy to hear you are healing. 18 months in here and just started to see a chiro neurologist. Hope it helps! Did you have dizziness or light sensitivity?

  5. The Carrick Brain Center is something to consider, but it's expensive. Please try Vestibular rehab first. I got my life back because of it.

    I had Post Concussion Syndrome for 1 year. I was dizzy, had balance issues, fatigue, eye strain and of course sensitivity to light and sound and other issues we probably share.

    It was quite clear after I went through the tests that my vestibular system was impaired. Your vestibular system, when it's working properly, is what lets your brain know where you are in space. When it's impaired, the eyes take over and this puts an enormous amount of stress on them. Your brain gets mixed signals from your eyes and your vestibular system and it causes the fatigue both in your eyes and your brain.

    One simple test is to march in place for 30 seconds to a minute and see where you are when you open your eyes, then try and walk a straight line with your eyes closed Please have someone supervise you.

    You really need to have a professional check you though. The more tests you do in a row, the more it taxes your vestibular system and you are better able to see the damage.

    I went through a viscous cycle of feeling a little better, trying to do some minor activity, overdoing it and then finding myself back in bed because of the fatigue. I got my life back because of this treatment.

    I went to Joshua Lurie at the Balance & Vestibular Center in Los Angeles (Sherman Oaks).
    Call him if you have questions. 818.232.4884.

    The problem is most MDs just don't have treatment options for PCS yet. So you're spending a lot of time and money looking for answers that aren't there.

    Carrick does a version of vestibular rehab and much more in a very short period of time, but you have to fly there, it's $10K and I'm not sure what the overall success rates are because they don't make that info available to the public. But major sports figures, like hockey player Sidney Crosby, went there so I think he's on to something. I just wish he would share the info so we can get advancements in treatment. It kills me to think about people suffering with this. I know how devastating it can be.

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