Saturday, December 18, 2010

Social Security Disability, Student Loan Discharge

Social Security Disability can be a hassle and it takes a long time. I was disabled in June of 2009, I applied for SSD in November of 2009, and I was rejected immediately. The office didn't look at my reports from my neurologist or my primary care physician before they made their decision.

I applied for a hearing to appeal the decision in February 2010, and am still waiting on my hearing. I hired a lawyer and they are taking care of the hearing for me when it comes around. They tell me that it will be a slam dunk and there's no way I won't be approved, but waiting patiently is tough!

I just found out a week ago that you can get a conditional discharge on your student loans for 3 years, and it can turn into a final discharge if you are still disabled after that time period. You have to be totally disabled or earn below the poverty level. I just applied today and hope it will go through. I got a forbearance, which lets you be relieved from paying it for a few months, but a discharge, where they forgive the loan would be so helpful!

Let me know if you need help finding the information. Has anyone had success stories with SSD?


  1. I was just awarded SSD after almost 4 1/2 year battle all the way to the Appeals Council. I applied 3x to have my ed loan discharged and was turned down every time. I had a TBI, stroke, and vestibular disorder, and 3x surgeries on my back. I pray they won't garnish my check, but they DO it all the time...deny the disability discharge then garnish your SSD check. It's criminal. Good luck to you dear, my TBI was Sept.29,2004. The day my life changed forever.

  2. I am sorry you had to wait so long for your SSD. I just learned yesterday that I have been approved. It has been 2 years since my initial head injury, and I'm amazed that I got approved! Thanks for the prayers and well wishes! Stay faithful!

  3. Well, if you feel like there was an unfavorable judgment made with your application, it's right that you filed for an appeal. Others get discouraged after being denied. The lesson here is to keep on believing that you'll be able to qualify. Anyhow, since you hired an attorney on your second try, I anticipated that you will succeed that time. Waiting is part of the process. It's okay to wait, especially when you're waiting for something good. :)

  4. Thanks Ermina, I ended up being approved. They seem to automatically deny everyone's first try. Have a nice day!

  5. The process of applying for an SSDI claim can be long and arduous. It can test one’s patience, but it's definitely worth all the effort once you pass it. It’s just disappointing that you didn’t get the result you wanted on your first try. It was a good decision to hire a lawyer, as they can help you make your appeal as strong as possible, so that it will get approved on your succeeding tries.

    Brad Post @ Jan Dils

  6. I ha e just received a TBI and am seeing a neuropsychologist now. I have already missed 2 months of work.....have some ok days....and some really bad days. Bigh emotional items seem to trigger things. People seem to think I'm not being honest. ...but I wouldn't wish this on anyone. FMLA will expire in 5 weeks. Not sure what to do. Advice?

  7. I am working on social security right now. It has been 3+ years since my TBI. It turns out that what was once considered to be tremors is now a seizure disorder. I just spent 5 days in the hospital in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit bed ridden, and tied to machines. The hospital I was in is what my nurses told me a serious trauma hospital, so they see the worst of the worst. The lady in the room next to me had half of her brain removed after an auto accident. I felt so bad for her family as they came and went more dead than alive. The worst part though was hearing the babies cry, especially at night as I can't sleep. I was heartbroken... Sorry, I got off topic... I am in serious need of the benefits as my Dr.'s have told me that I have healed as much as I am going to at this point, but that they can still work on making my life more livable through controlling my symptoms. I have a work comp case on appeal, and have had no income for almost a year now. They changed my judge right before the final hearing, and the new judge threw all of my treating physician's records and depositions out, and found in favor of the insurance company based on one 5 minute IME they had me go to in which their "Dr." admitted that he was neither qualified or licensed to administer, score, or read the tests he was testifying about!!!

    I have 4 kids, and am in danger of losing my house, and maybe my wife. She says she understands what I'm going through, but if she did she couldn't make that statement. She seems to get madder and madder at me everyday, and money troubles do not help. I was trying to go to school to get an associate's in something that I might be able to do. My Dr.'s have cleared me to take 1 class a semester, but once the money dried up. I could not pursue that any further. I really hope this goes well. I don't ask for much. I just want to be able to give my daughter's money to do something once in awhile, and not have to say I'm sorry I can't take you we don't have enough gas. :(